Monday, March 27, 2017

Artist in Residence: Chef Paul Liebrandt

"Why do you feel the need to wake up in the morning; is there like a particular reason to do it? Why do I do what I do; I don't know. I don't know why as far as being creative; I mean look I suppose I was just born with a curious mind." Chef Paul Liebrandt 

We viewed the visit of Chef Paul Liebrandt more like hosting an Artist in Residence than a Pop Up Dinner. Chef Liebrandt will ignited our collective imagination with an interpretation of The Chef’s Garden that could only be experienced through his eyes. His depiction of a dish includes the experience of exploring connections, and conveying that feeling in complex and intricately executed plates.

Like abstract art, there is both a cerebral and aesthetic appreciation. Chef Liebrandt presented an 8-course plated menu, capturing The Chef’s Garden and surrounding terroir. Designed in 4 pairs of courses, Sunchoke/Beetroot/Spring Garlic/Eggplant- each pair uses the same ingredients prepared in different ways.


Chef Paul Liebrandt1   Chef Paul Liebrandt Dish2

Chef Paul Liebrandt Dish3   Chef Paul Liebrandt Dish4

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