Roots Innovate 2017

September 25th – 26th

Food is a universal language that people from around the world use in which to communicate, educate and enrich themselves and those around them. It has the ability to empower us and bring us closer together by forging a mutual understanding. It can be used as a tool to advance our society and strengthen who we are as cooks and as people in a way nothing else can.

Every day something new and different is being introduced in the culinary world. It could be a new method, an inspiring new idea or cutting edge technology. This innovation can help us to solve problems, raise awareness and nourish those who need it most.

Culinary innovation has the ability to excite and inspire us and this is the reason why the theme for our 5th annual conference is Roots: Innovate 2017. This year we are bringing together the most groundbreaking chefs, farmers, thought leaders, activists and food scientist to engage in dynamic discussions on culinary innovation.

Join us at Roots: Innovate 2017 and explore the creative and ingenious ways people are thinking out-of-the-box to solve problems, invigorate their cooking, and ensure that the food world of tomorrow is more vibrant, promising and filled with hope and possibility than ever before.

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Please register to attend Roots 2017: Innovate, hosted by The Chef’s Garden, Inc. at the Culinary Vegetable Institute on September 25th-26th, 2017.

2 Day Event Ticket

This ticket includes breakfast, lunch, admittance into presentation tent both days and a family style veg-centric dinner on the evening of September 25th.

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PreRegistration (Jun 1 – Sep 24, 2017) – $395.00

Onsite (Sep 25-26, 2017) – $395.00 * Dinner is based on seat availability that day.

Student (Now – Sep 24, 2017) – $295.00 * Contact us for tickets. 419-433-4947 or email

* Due to space, dinner is limited to the first 200 ticket sales.


Print your receipt. This is your proof of payment. Bring this with you to the event.

Weather:  Please note this is an outdoor event. We recommend that you check the weather prior to traveling and dress appropriately.

If you need additional information, contact The Chef’s Garden at 419-433-4947 or email

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