If you were getting married in 1918 and wanted to be trendy, you’d schedule your wedding ceremony at noon, echoing what was popular in England. This made for more intricate reception planning when compared to an afternoon wedding, since people would expect a sit-down meal after attending a lunch-time nuptial.

You almost certainly would have gotten married on a weekday in that era, since Saturday weddings were considered to be bad luck. As folk wisdom shared, “Marry on Monday for health, Tuesday for wealth, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for crosses, Friday for losses, and Saturday for no luck at all.”

Fast forward to 1933, and you might see an open bar at the reception, something that wasn’t necessarily a great idea during the preceding Prohibition years. The bride’s dress probably wouldn’t have been white. That color didn’t gain popularity until after World War II when laundry techniques became advanced enough to keep whites looking, well, white.

In 1950, a celebrity hugely influenced wedding fashion. Her name? Elizabeth Taylor. The sweetheart neckline on her dress made this a favorite style—in fact, for many years to come. By 1961, wedding receptions—previously considered an add-on that not everyone had—became mainstream. In the 1970s, weddings and receptions became much more individualized.

You can find additional information about these fascinating historical moments and more in an in-depth article at Insider.com. Plus, you can check out wedding trends in 2017 and in 2019 on the Culinary Vegetable Institute site.

Next, here are a few insights about what people aren’t doing. Nowadays, fewer brides are tossing their bouquets, for example—or their garters. Bridesmaids aren’t necessarily wearing matching dresses; summer weddings aren’t as popular as they once were (with fall weddings gaining ground); and brides may not be wearing white, a throwback to pre-World War II fashion with contemporary twists.

Looking forward, here are some of the 2020 wedding trends being predicted.

Sustainable Weddings 

Brides.com shares that a focus on what’s good for the planet will “seriously influence trends in everything, including weddings” in 2020.

HarpersBazaar.com is listing sustainability as a trend first, as well, noting how increasing numbers of couples are “making concerted efforts to lessen the impact their celebrations have on our planet.” They are doing so in numerous ways, including shifting away from receptions that require a working kitchen set up where one doesn’t already exist; reducing or eliminating the use of flower foam; and composting products from the wedding and reception “via eco-friendly breakdown services.”

Stylecaster.com refers to this type of wedding as “low waste,” and they’re also including it in their predictions, while TheKnot.com shares that green vibes are truly on the rise. They recommend that couples consider upcycling by committing to a zero-waste wedding, which involves “hiring vendors who also prioritize sustainability.”

WeddingForward.com also notes how more and more people are focusing on sustainability, what they call eco-friendly weddings. One step to consider, the article points out, is to compost leftover food that won’t be eaten; another is to donate flowers to a hospice center after the ceremony and reception.

Then there are insights from WeddingWire.com. They also spotlight sustainability in their wedding trends list, sharing how many couples are now thinking about how their ceremony and reception impacts the world. They list meatless weddings and the use of edible flowers as environmentally friendly choices that brides and grooms are making.

WeddingBee.com’s contribution to the sustainable wedding conversation: many couples are going plastic-free.

Sustainable Weddings at the CVI

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at the CVI—and we do mean everything. Chef Jamie Simpson has a passion for zero waste. For Jamie and his chef team, zero waste is not a trend. It never has been. Sustainability is not a trend, either. Instead, our focus on sustainability is an intentional, conscientious strategy to be good stewards of the environment.

When you hold your wedding ceremony and reception at the CVI, you can count on a unique setting for a rustic yet elegant wedding, one customized exclusively for you. Here’s more about our philosophy about unique dining experiences; the short version is that we never offer the same menu twice, ensuring that your wedding and reception will truly be a customized representation of you as a couple. We go above and beyond to weave in personal touches, with a menu reflecting your stories with ingredients you love, presented in the singular and artistic style of our internationally renowned chef.

And, because sustainability is at the core of everything Jamie creates, you can count on an eco-friendly experience at the CVI.  Here is just one example of how Jamie uses ingredients and culinary techniques to create dazzling dishes in a marvelously sustainable way.

Welcoming Dining Environment

It’s all about feeling warm and cozy, Stylecaster.com notes, with shared meals that represent the couple’s personality and what they enjoy eating. Shared family-style tables are in!

The Knot, meanwhile, points out how couples are “being more thoughtful about inclusivity,” including in their reception menus, which may include vegetarian choices, as just one example.

Here’s one more observation from The Knot. Edible flowers are a “big wedding reception trend for 2020,” from having them frozen in ice cubes or infused in water to sprinkle on desserts or tossed in salads.

An expert quoted in Brides.com, meanwhile, lists the following top wedding trends for 2020:

  • eco-friendly and sustainable practices
  • food as art

Chef Jamie is especially well known for creating stunning dishes that are brilliantly plated, narrative plating that tells a unique story.

When you choose the CVI for your wedding reception, you will benefit from the amazing culinary artistry of our chef team. Chef Jamie will work with you to create just the right personalized menu, one that represents the most memorable expressions of you as a couple.

The menu includes:

  • hors d’oeuvre display
  • first course
  • entrée

Plus, our professional staff will cut and serve a wedding cake that you may bring in.

Ingredients include world-class, farm-fresh vegetables from The Chef’s Garden, our parent company, along with specialty ingredients procured from vendors sharing our commitment to the highest of quality. You can find more about Chef Jamie’s philosophy about ingredient sourcing here.

Menu additions include:

  • additional dinner courses
  • dessert (other than wedding cake)
  • late-night menu
  • specialty ingredients; special diets

Specialty Liquor Bars

This is another trend noted by Harper’s Bazaar, with the article suggesting that this is a great way to show off “how much you know about your favorite wine or liquor, providing options to your guests, the proper glassware, and a series of garnishes as needed.”

At the CVI, our reception beverage program includes the following:

  • a premium bar that includes a selection of wines, craft beers, mixers and liquor
  • beverages served in rocks glasses, hi-balls, wine glasses and beverage glasses
  • premium bar service provided for four hours total (one hour before dinner and three hours after dinner); the bar is closed during dinner, and last call is at 10:45 PM.
  • Infused water, soft drinks and fresh juices are offered throughout.
  • a flute of sparkling wine served as a toast at the time of your choosing
  • coffee service offered with dessert

If you’d like something exceptionally special, our beverage upgrade includes:

  •  super premium liquors and wine selections from a wide array of options
  •  extended bar hours
  •  specialty signature cocktails or martinis
  •  cordials, liqueurs and coffee drinks

Our signature cocktails are unique to you and your story as a couple. (Plus, at the CVI, sophisticated mocktails take center stage so that everyone at your reception can enjoy a first-class beverage!)

WeddingWire.com points out an important distinction that we’d like to share. There are talented bartenders, the article shares, who can make standard cocktails that are just right. But, a mixologist will “take a more imaginative, experiential approach to their cocktail-making by combining unexpected ingredients and effects.”

Signature cocktails and mocktails created at the CVI provide that imaginative, customized touch that goes above and beyond, which dovetails with this expert opinion from Brides.com.

Personalization is the trend I hope never goes away and keeps getting stronger year after year. A wedding should reflect the couple’s style, personality, and love story and this can be done in so many ways with personalized touches throughout the wedding . . . Most importantly, you do you, boo! It is your wedding: It should feel like you, look like you, taste like you, and be a reflection of you and your fiancé.”

Edible Escort Cards

When couples don’t want to display an actual seating chart—but would like to have a seating arrangement—then WeddingWire recommends an edible escort card as a creative alternative. You could, for example, provide guests with edible flowers that pair up with those found at their table.

The edible flowers you select add another layer of personalization to your story as a couple—and, although this is considered a “new” 2020 wedding trend, the notion of using flowers for storytelling was exceptionally popular in Victorian England. Here are the edible flowers we have access to from The Chef’s Garden.

Planning Your Wedding at the Culinary Vegetable Institute

“The food is once-in-a-lifetime, the surroundings are beautiful, but the people are the best detail of all. The team at CVI will go above and beyond to make your day perfect. We had our wedding at CVI and we will never forget the genuine care and attention we received from the whole team! Our guests had a wonderful time and we are still told how much our wedding was enjoyed.” (June Tracey)

Couples choose the CVI knowing that their event will be distinctive to them with heartfelt hospitality provided throughout. Plus, the natural surroundings provide unforgettable ambiance—beautiful and ever-changing with seasonal authenticity.

Added benefits of selecting the CVI include:

  • Our spacious chef’s suite, which will be available for the bride and bridesmaids to use when getting ready; this expansive suite includes:
    • a fully equipped kitchen
    • dining area
    • bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi tub
    • fireplace
    • deck
  • You are welcome to bring in your own salon services to assist in your preparations.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks will be offered in the chef’s suite for the bridal party before the service.
  • As guests gather before the service, infused water and other non-alcoholic beverages will be offered under the portico.
  • You can say “I Do” under the gazebo on the grounds of the CVI. White folding chairs can be set up in rows to accommodate the most intimate gathering as well as hundreds of guests.
  • For a true farm wedding, the inimitable can be available to officiate at your service!
  • You can also arrive in style in a Belgian-horse-drawn wagon. Farmer Lee will drive the carriage harnessed with two stunning Belgian horses. The carriage can also be made available to you and your guests for tours through the CVI grounds.
  • A reception tent can be outfitted with a remote bar and dance floor to continue the party after dinner.
  • Set-up is inclusive of the tent that’s outfitted with tables and white padded folding chairs for dining, dance floor, bar set up and perimeter lighting. Tables will be dressed in white linens and napkins. Our china, flatware and crystal are all provided by Steelite International.
  • We can also provide votive candles and small, natural floral arrangements from the grounds that may include greens, branches and seasonal flowers from the property or greenhouses.

You can find more information about planning your wedding and reception at the CVI.

Contact us today to plan your dream wedding!