Best Ground Lamb Recipes by Chef Jamie Simpson

The Chef’s Garden has partnered with Pure Bred Lamb as part of their Small Farms, Big Hearts collaboration to bring outstanding ingredients and chef-designed, home-cook-friendly recipes to you.

Here, you can find three of the best ground lamb recipes created by Chef Jamie Simpson of the Culinary Vegetable Institute, along with a step-by-step video by Jamie as he demonstrates one of these recipes using ground lamb.

“You are likely longing for the food you used to get at restaurants,” Jamie says, “and so we’re creating these recipes and putting together provision boxes of fresh ingredients so that you can enjoy the foods you love in the comfort of your own home.”

Plus, every time you order a provision box of these ingredients, you can feel good, knowing that a percentage of this purchase is being donated to select relief funds that support industry workers who have been directly affected by COVID-19.


“The beauty of the ground lamb recipes that I’m going to share,” Jamie says, “is that they are built around ingredients that can evolve as the seasons change. They’re flexible and give home cooks options to switch out ingredients, based upon their preferences and availability.”

Now, here’s the first of the three recipes using ground lamb.

Garden Lettuce Wraps with Elysian Fields Lamb

This delicious recipe uses a mixture of two parts lamb and one part bacon, along with root vegetables. This is an ideal opportunity to creatively use condiments, whether that’s seasoned yogurt with minced cucumber, or chili oil and fish sauce—or your family’s favorite.

So, here’s the lamb and fresh vegetable recipe, followed up by a video of Jamie preparing it for viewers.

Lamburgers with Elysian Fields Ground Lamb

If you’re longing for a rich and satisfying burger, then we invite you to use our provision pack to create a flavorful alternative that incorporates amazing Pure Bred lamb.

Farfalle Pasta with Elysian Fields Ground Lamb

Here’s the third of Jamie’s lamb recipes, this time incorporating lamb meatballs, pasta, and blanched vegetables.

“As you can see,” Jamie adds, “each of these recipes offer the flexibility you need to create delicious meals at home, using quality ingredients that chefs use.”

Ground Lamb Provision Box

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