Our Story

The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden is the farm’s world class educational, research and event facility designed to inspire every person who walks through its doors. Forward thinking chefs from around the globe convene at the Culinary Vegetable Institute to share their knowledge, host culinary events, research new techniques and learn about vegetables from the culinary center’s devoted team of chefs and growers. 

The vast array of ingredients sustainably farmed in the fields at The Chef’s Garden are the starting point for cultivating new ideas and exchanging information in a setting that is welcoming and invigorating all at once.  Chefs are invited to experiment with and taste products they have never seen before, brainstorm ways to use every part of the vegetable from root to leaf, and imagine cutting edge ways to transform vegetable waste into products that are both sustainable and extraordinary. 

The kitchen team is on a never-ending research quest of both ancient and contemporary techniques that they apply to vegetables to transform them into new flavors, textures and colors that perpetually delight and invigorate everyone who steps foot in the culinary center.  This deep and constant experimentation and analysis has made the Culinary Vegetable Institute one of the most well-respected vegetable research facilities in the world. There, chefs and farmers work in tandem to learn from one another, encouraging each other to evolve through a constant exchange of information that sparks new ideas and galvanizes unbridled creativity in both the kitchen and the field. 

The chef and farmer working in synchronicity with one another has made the Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden a template for chefs and farmers everywhere. This relationship is the cornerstone of The Chef’s Garden’s business model and illustrates its belief that listening to and learning from one another leads to remarkable outcomes. 

The 11,000-square-foot facility built of locally quarried limestone, pine and cedar exterior with a wild cherry, black walnut, tulip poplar, oak and ash interior was designed by the Jones family. It sits on approximately 100 acres of fertile land and includes a 1,500-square foot state-of-the-art two-story kitchen designed by Mark Stech-Novak. The facility boasts full audio-visual capabilities for demonstrations; a 1,426-square-foot dining room with 22-foot ceilings capable of seating 90; an executive chef suite with luxury amenities; accommodations for visiting chefs’ teams; a culinary library; a root cellar and wine cellar; and experimental vegetable, forest and herb gardens.

This culinary center is open to corporate groups looking for the perfect team building venue, organizations seeking a space of inspiration for their next meeting or retreat, tourists looking for a unique agri-culinary experience, and couples interested in hosting a wedding their guests will never forget. 

Visiting chefs can utilize facilities and gardens for educational, team-building and retreat purposes. They are invited to tour The Chef’s Garden, stroll through the fields, and immerse themselves in the innovative planting, growing and harvesting methods that have made the farm one of the most forward thinking in the world. 

Chefs are then invited to experiment, taste and cook the ingredients they discovered during their personal journey through the lush sustainably farmed fields and greenhouses of The Chef’s Garden.  

The public is invited to attend culinary events taking place throughout the year. These include dinners hosted by the industry’s most celebrated chefs and hands-on learning opportunities.

If you have questions about the Culinary Vegetable Institute or would like to sign up for a culinary event, call us at 419-499-7500.