Our Partners


We ensure that the original purpose of the CVI, a world class vegetable research institute, is realized through the valuable partnerships we have formed with companies that share our passion and commitment to the people who visit the CVI each year to learn new skills, exchange information and find inspiration born of working with the extraordinary vegetables that are grown in the fields and greenhouses of The Chef’s Garden.

The CVI’s state of the art kitchen is outfitted with the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment and innovative technology in order to ensure that the immersive experience of each of our visiting chefs leaves an indelible mark that they will carry with them back to their own restaurant kitchens.

We partner with food and beverage companies that share our commitment to the world class CVI experience we want each and every person who walks through the doors of the CVI to experience during their visit. We are selective in who we partner with and are proud of the relationships we have fostered over the years with like-minded companies and are honored to showcase their equipment and technology in the kitchen of the CVI.

Please contact us to learn more about becoming a CVI partner. We look forward to discussing ways in which we can collaborate.