The Jones Family


The Jones family has operated a small family farm in Huron, Ohio for over 20 years. They were born and bred with a love for farming. Hard times and fortunate “accidents” have defined and shaped their purpose and mission: “to grow vegetables slowly and gently in full accord with nature.” The Chef’s Garden has dedicated itself to working in concert with outstanding chefs all over America.

In 1992, Mr. Bob Jones envisioned taking this collaboration to the next level. He proposed founding an institute surrounded by a working farm where the chef and farmer could come together outside the restaurant setting. This environment would enable the chef to retreat from his or her restaurant routine into a rustic setting, which would foster a closer relationship with the farmer and provide inspiration.

The Jones family, including Bob Jones Jr. and Farmer Lee Jones, purchased the land for this visionary project in 1998. In 2001, the family established an advisory board for the CVI. Farmer Lee Jones, chairman of the board, utilizes these chef advisors for all integral decisions affecting the CVI facility, education and marketing. From kitchen design to the wine cellar, from the library to future teaching materials, the Culinary Advisory Board has crafted the CVI to cater to the educational and creative needs of all innovative and rising chefs across America.