Bee Sustainable

Bee Sustainable at The Culinary Vegetable Institute is our initiative to improve the dwindling local honeybee population while pollinating our gardens and educating our visitors on the importance of bees in the ecosystem.  Our bee program started out with just one hive in 2008 and has grown to fourteen hives this year with the help of various donors and volunteers.  Read more about our program in The Sandusky Register.

Our partner, The Chef’s Garden has devoted 80 acres of land to plants that provide bees with optimum nutrition. They have selected specific cover crops and scheduled plantings to ensure a constant blooming source throughout the warm seasons. The proper balance of nutrients ensures that every edible crop hand-harvested at The Chef’s Garden is full of flavor and high-quality nutrition. Providing a plentiful, diverse, and long-lasting source of food within easy reach of the hives offers the same benefit to the bees. And the effort is undoubtedly worth it for all of us!

The queens have arrived! We have been waiting for the warm weather to install our queens and their new workers and drones into the new hives on the grounds of the Culinary Vegetable Institute, and we are happy to say that the work is almost complete!

The queens and their colonies of 10,000 bees were carefully put into the hives donated by our bee program sponsors last night around dusk and today the hives are active and there are bees everywhere! We’ve seen them all over the grounds with legs full of bright yellow pollen, racing back and forth from flower beds and trees and back to their hives.
The next step is to give them some time to build a larger colony and get situated before we add the rest of the hive bodies to the top, the place where all of the incredible honey will come from. We are fortunate to have so many healthy hives and the helpful work of our honey bees already happening on the farm. We should have around 600,000 bees soon enough!!

Your generous contributions to the Bee Sustainable Program will help us to purchase and maintain hives, grow cover crops to feed the bees, provide labor and equipment for beekeeping, and most importantly increase honeybee populations!

Contributions to the program can be made by calling 419-499-7500.

All sponsors will receive a jar of honey from The CVI’s bees.