Culinary Internships

An internship at The Culinary Vegetable Institute is an exploration into ingredients and flavors – used to create edible works of art.

The Culinary Vegetable Institute is a state of the art test kitchen located in North-East Ohio. It is a place for forward thinking, like minded, food and beverage professionals. The Culinary Vegetable Institute serves as a direct connection between the bounty of the farm and the table – providing interns with an opportunity to learn the importance of sustainability and seasonality.

Each year The Culinary Vegetable Institute plays host to some of the world’s top chefs. Interns at the CVI will have the opportunity to learn alongside these renowned chefs. The global networking opportunities presented at The Culinary Vegetable Institute are unlike any other learning facility in the culinary field.

At The Culinary Vegetable Institute you will receive training from our highly qualified chefs. The Culinary Vegetable Institute chefs share their many experiences with interns, helping them to succeed and master a variety of culinary techniques.

You will receive hands-on culinary training in a wide variety of cooking methods, along with professional baking and pastry techniques. Our culinary professionals will work with you in The Culinary Vegetable Institute’s state of the art kitchen equipped with industry-standard equipment, tools and utensils needed to prep food masterpieces.

You will also have the opportunity to experience: bee keeping (if interested), animal husbandry, preservation & fermentation techniques, special events, food styling and photo shoots.

Experience cuisine from around the world, and study the ingredients, flavors and cultures presented by our guest chefs. As an intern, you‘ll taste new foods, learn new techniques and become a lifelong learner with experiences that you’ll carry with you forever.

We are a facility for dedicated and passionate individuals looking for a unique opportunity to grow and learn the culinary arts. The Culinary Vegetable Institute’s internship program provides practical experiences which will help make your transition into the culinary industry a success!

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