Come Learn with Us: Services Offered


At its core, The Culinary Vegetable Institute is all about service and hospitality. Whether we’re hosting a vegetable showcase dinner or opening our kitchen to a visiting chef, we strive to welcome our guests with open arms. The same holds true for all of our food industry colleagues no matter where they fall on the continuum. Let us open the world of culinary techniques like developing plant based menus, honing your skills at wine pairings, sourcing the finest ingredients, bulletproof food safety protocols and more. Explore our entire menu of services offered and let us help you plan a custom experience for your group.

If you’re ready to discuss innovative learning possibilities for your team, contact us online today or call us at 419-499-7500.

Culinary Immersion

Menu Development:

We develop a brand new menu for every CVI event, from signature cocktail through dessert. That’s why brainstorming, experimentation, collaboration and creative problem solving are at the very heart of who we are. We’ll share our strategies and experiences in planning cohesive menus and help you identify your own unique approach for unlocking the endless possibilities for seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

Technique Applications:

Let’s push the technical boundaries of one single ingredient. Our chef will lead you through a “24 Carrot” exploration of techniques that reveal 24 distinctive preparations for one humble vegetable, such as extrusion, sous vide, delta cooking, distillation and butchery. Our well-equipped kitchen has everything you need to experiment with, and our talented team will share tips and knowledge to help elevate your culinary repertoire.

Plating Applications:

Exquisite plating is an art, and every chef has a unique style. The CVI is the perfect creative space to practice new plating ideas and designs utilizing The Chef’s Garden vegetables, microgreens, edible flowers, herbs and leaves. Let our kitchen be your personal design studio.


Choosing the right plate or bowl is just as important as choosing the right ingredients for a dish. Experiment with our impressive collection of tableware to see the dramatic effect the right backdrop can make. We’ll discuss ways to identify tableware in the right colors, sizes, shapes and materials for maximum visual impact.

Flavor and Texture Development:

Conceptualize and conceive surprising ways to maximize both texture and flavor as inseparable components of every dish. Let our kitchen team be your right-hand resource for a dynamic look at how the senses combine to establish the ideal marriage between flavor and texture.

Plant Based Menu Development

Plant Based Menu Development:

The plant-based lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular for its human health benefits, as well as its role in the health of our planet. Naturally, The Chef’s Garden and the CVI are strong proponents of plant-based nutrition. Our kitchen team will lead you on a delicious and imaginative exploration of endless possibilities for putting vegetables in the spotlight.

Seasonal ingredients:

Seasonal eating maximizes the qualities of flavor, freshness and nutrition, and we believe menus should change with the seasons, making the most of whatever nature has to offer whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter. Let’s find ways to work hand in hand with nature to design menus that are maximally interesting, spontaneous and nutritionally robust.

Root to tip:

Our “root to tip” philosophy challenges us to innovate ways for a plant to reach its fullest culinary potential with zero waste. Together we’ll brainstorm ideas and techniques that incorporate unlikely parts of a plant into dishes with complex layers of flavor, textural dimensions, and visual interest.

Wine and Beverage Menu Development

Plant-based beverage strategies:

Go beyond the Bloody Mary and upgrade your cocktail list with ingredients, flavors, aromas and textures from the expansive world of plant-based beverages. Work with our beverage program director to add beauty and depth to one of a kind cocktails and non-alcoholic pairings by incorporating vegetables, edible flowers, leaves and herbs into infusions, simple syrups, bitters, spirits and more.

Wine consultation:

The right wine pairings are an elegant way to heighten the impact of a dish, from amuse bouche through dessert. Our wine steward will share tips and techniques to help you identify the nuances, aromas and styles of the wines best suited to your cuisine ─ from domestic to Old World and in between. Guided tastings from our own collection will help expand your wine knowledge and experience so you can make pairings and recommendations with confidence.

Strategy Consulting

Trend identification:

What ingredients, techniques, serving options, consumer-driven shifts in dining preferences, social media and marketing strategies are shaping in the industry landscape at any given moment? Let our team help identify current (and future) trends in the food service industry. Being in touch and staying at the forefront of current trends will help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

Equipment Consultation:

The Culinary Vegetable Institute partners with brands such as Rational, Irinox, Julabo, Henkelman, Pacojet and Vitamix to test, experiment and participate in the development of new and exploratory culinary equipment. As our guest in our kitchen, you can experience firsthand how the specialized tools in our collection could help your own productivity and potential.

Food Safety:

At the CVI, safety is paramount ─ the safety of our environment, our team, and our guests. Food safety relies first and foremost on safe food sourcing. We’ll discuss the importance of seeking out purveyors such as The Chef’s Garden that are committed to and transparent about food safety protocols, and help guide you through an insightful refresher on maintaining a safe, healthy kitchen.

Food Waste Reduction Techniques and Strategies:

Striving toward a “zero waste” kitchen is our commitment to maximize the potential of every ingredient. Together we’ll explore creative solutions for preserving and repurposing food via freezing, dehydrating, fermentation, canning, curing and composting. We’ll walk through our root cellar and address the importance of organization and planning as the first lines of defense in the fight against waste.