Uncorking: Wine-Food Pairing Series


Our Uncorked Series allows us the opportunity to look at the world of food and wine pairing from the perspective of the quintessential vegetable farm. Vegetables are moving toward the center of the plate, with flavors, textures and cooking methods that play a significant role in the overall impression of a dish. What a great opportunity to revisit the notion of wine-food pairing, by thinking first of the vegetable as it relates to the liquid in the glass.

Traditionally when we think of pairing beverages with a dish, we have started with the protein on the plate. We might think about how the protein is cooked, and the elements of the sauce or garnish. Another cue to successful pairings would be to look to terroir and shared geography – the whole idea of “what grows together goes together.” And then, of course, there are cultural affiliations of cuisines and customs that make sense; there is comfort in the familiarity inherent in these pairings. These precepts have held true for centuries and guide a great many successful experiences.

However, imagine approaching the entire wine-food pairing concept without any preconceived notions, just an endless array of amazing ingredients and flavors. When Chef Jamie Simpson is putting together the menu, he looks to balance the experience in the glass – whether as a complement to or contrast with the flavors and textures on the plate. Our viewpoint celebrates the myriad of fresh vegetables from the farm at this moment in time and shifts the spotlight from the proteins in the dish, and/or the regional affiliations or cultural references that have long been the driver of the wine-food pairing decisions. We challenge the perspective of traditional pairings, while playing homage to the sense of place as we play with affinities between the food and wine.

And, at the end of the day, one of our favorite notions of how to pair wine with food comes from Italian writer Victor Hazan, opining that the most successful choices have more to do with pairing wine with the preferences and personality of your dining guest than anything else! This practice provides wonderful opportunities for shared exploration.

Upcoming Food and Wine Pairing Events at the Culinary Vegetable Institute

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Doors open at 6:30 pm for cocktails. Presentation at 7:00 pm. Dinner is served at 7:30 pm.

Price includes multi-course dinner paired with appropriate wines.

Full bar will be available for purchase.  All wines available for retail sale this evening.

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