Uncorking A Festive Evening of Wine and Vegetable Synchronicity


Vegetables are deftly finding their way to center stage on our dinner plates and rightly so; their versatility afford chefs an endless canvas of colors, textures and flavors to enliven their dishes. The question that follows after the shift from protein-focused to vegetable-focused plating happens is which wines to pair with these creations?

We will delve deep into this question during our Uncorked Wine Series taking place over the course of three enlightening evenings at The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden. This idea emerged because we not only wanted to explore the ways that vegetables and wine marry well together but because the discerning guests who attend our events not only appreciate a sophisticated culinary experience but are also looking for wine pairings that don’t just satisfy but instead elevate a veg-centric dish, bringing it to the next level of elegance and refinement.

Our first Uncorked dinner, which takes place on Friday, February 24th will explore German wines. On March 10th, we will delve deep into the ancient magic of Spanish wines and on April 14th we will celebrate the virtues of the wines of Portugal.

What we’ve discovered during our investigation into each of these wine regions is the remarkable nuance of each wine. As each one meets the palate and then lingers there, its insistence that it be paired with a specific vegetable not only becomes apparent but is ultimately the only pairing that makes sense if we only take the time to listen. Once this revelation happens and a note emerges in the wine that insists upon complimenting a specific vegetable, the recipe begins to take shape and come alive.

At our Uncorked dinners, the vegetable-driven tasting menu will be broken down into dishes that celebrate the nuance of one vegetable in all its multi-faceted glory, each one paired with a wine varietal that it is its perfect compliment. Marrying these consummate dancing partners will transform the evening into one of revelations and a new understanding of both wines and the vegetables that work so well with them.

Even if you are only interested in reveling in a meal that will leave your taste buds happy, this is the dinner series for you. We are looking forward to offering you a meal that delights your palate in a festive atmosphere sparkling with candlelight and scintillating company but if you’re looking for a little extra wine pairing wisdom to take home with you, we’ve got that too!


Throughtout the evening we will be pairing a vegetable driven menu with wines that represent some of the greatest wine values as well as hidden gems to discover. All wines will be available for retail sale that evening at special prices.

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Doors open at 6:30 pm for cocktails. Presentation at 7:00 pm. Dinner is served at 7:30 pm.

Price includes multi-course dinner paired with appropriate wines.

Full bar will be available for purchase.  All wines available for retail sale this evening.


For more information about the Uncorked events, please contact the CVI at 419-499-7500.