Vegetable Showcase Series


When we plan our vegetable showcase dinners, the design process begins with the ingredient and place it on the highest pedestal. We classify traditional pairings and non-traditional pairings into columns titled: Meats. Fish. Grains. Herbs. Condiments. Alcohols. Vegetables. Spices. Nuts. Fats. Dairy. Then we consider preparations: Sauté. Fry. Roast. Bake. Grill. Ferment. Dehydrate. Juice. Freeze. Pulverize. Reconstitute. We look at every element of the plant as well, and question how we can incorporate every piece or part: Seed. Root/Tuber. Stem. Leaf. Bloom. Stamen. Fruit. We think about affinities of flavors and experiences in putting together combinations on the plate and dishes on the menu. Then the imagination kicks in, and we get busy in the kitchen.

Experience the ultimate expression of the vegetable! Each dinner in our Vegetable Showcase Series features one family of vegetables, harvested at the peak of its season and explores every possible iteration of the plant.  Our CVI team will use every part at every stage of its life in preparing flavors, textures and temperatures that are both familiar and wildly inventive.

The evening includes a 6-course dinner that will include wine pairing suggestions.  The menu will focus on the seasonal vegetable with a meat and/or fish according to the whim of the moment.

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Doors open at 6:30 pm for cocktails.  Dinner is served at 7:00 pm.


For more information about these events, please contact the CVI at 419-499-7500.