Elements of Corporate Team Building


Simply put, the elements of our corporate team building are:

  • Reconnect

  • Fail Magnificently

  • Get Your Hands Dirty

  • Reconsider the Carrot

In business and in life, the most important investment you can make is cultivating relationships. As they flourish, you benefit from increased productivity, a sense of well-being and, ultimately, success.


With the exclusive use of our beautifully equipped culinary center, your group can immerse itself in a secluded location to bond over the shared experience. We get to know you and your goals, and choose activities that go above and beyond to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Fail Magnificently

Experience an authentic working vegetable farm with an amazing story, a story relevant and applicable to any business or organization. Understanding how to experience failure and emerge stronger and smarter is a liberating lesson.

Get Your Hands Dirty

There are many ways to get your hands dirty, to connect with the source and emerge challenged and engaged. This includes from the soil or from the soul of your company. Break out of your comfort zone, collaborate and inquire.

Reconsider the Carrot

We will share how we always look at the familiar in new ways. We use every part of the plant at every stage of its life, so every plate is a unique expression of that vegetable at that unique moment in time. You, too, will be let loose to stretch your imagination.

“I couldn’t imagine being brought to a place where it’s possible to still believe in magic. Thank you for opening the door to that whimsical world grounded in all of the right things.” (William Grant and Sons)

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